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I’m a passionate soul,

a dreamer,

a Believer.


Life is a beautiful whirlwind of experiences. My story is written in ink; no room to second guess or attempt to erase. My loved ones, creating and getting inspired are what make my spirit happy. 


I believe in the magic that coexists with love and I believe that love is the greatest of all things. 

My passions and artistic visions come from the big man upstairs. Without this amazing fuel to my fire I would not be where I am today. 

I studied Visual Communications and Photojournalism at The Art Institute of Chicago, shot festivals and concerts throughout the Midwest and experienced life as a foreigner in South Korea for a year. These experiences drive me and have left me craving for more. 


Born and raised a city girl but my wanderlust soul craves the open road. Give me mountains, an endless star-filled sky, retro diners, midsummer night baseball games, crisp Autumn football Saturday's and my soul is well.

I love people and I love their stories. By day, I work with Veterans where I get to hear some incredible stories, create memories and get the best life advice from some of the coolest gents and gals that have graced this planet. I am a better person for knowing them.


By night, I am a photojournalist covering concerts at local venues and festivals.

I want to explore; go everywhere and anywhere, come as strangers - leave as friends, get a tattoo or two along the way and photograph it all. I will forever be on this creative journey.



Tell me your story.



Awards + Participations

2023 ArtPrize Artist

2022 Foundation Scholarship Recipient

2022 Phi Theta Kappa

2021 Festival of the Arts- Michael B. Handlin/Party Down Music Memorial Award Winner

2021 Festival of the Arts- Artist

2020 Raising Flag Award

2019 Raising Flag Award

2018 Raising Flag Award

2017 Festival of the Arts- Artist

2016 Festival of the Arts-Artist

2015 Festival of the Arts-Artist
2014 Nancy Engebretson Memorial Photojournalism Scholarship Winner
2013 Display Magazine-Published Photo

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