I’m a passionate soul,

a dreamer,

a thinker.

Life is a beautiful whirlwind of experiences. My story is written in ink; no room to second guess or attempt to erase. My loved ones, creating and getting inspired are what make my spirit happy. 


I believe in the magic that coexists with love and I believe that love is the greatest of all things. 

My passions and artistic visions come from the big man upstairs. Without this amazing fuel to my fire I would not be where I am today. 

I studied Visual Communications and Photojournalism at The Art Institute of Chicago, shot festivals and concerts throughout the Midwest and experienced life as a foreigner in South Korea for a year. These experiences drive me and have left me craving for more. 


Born and raised a city girl but my wanderlust soul craves the open road. Give me mountains, an endless star-filled sky, retro diners, midsummer night baseball games, crisp Autumn football Saturday's and my soul is well.

I love people and I love their stories. By day, I work with Veterans where I get to hear some incredible stories, create memories and get the best life advice from some of the coolest gents and gals that have graced this planet. I am a better person for knowing them.


By night, I am a photojournalist covering concerts at local venues and festivals.

I want to explore; go everywhere and anywhere, come as strangers - leave as friends, get a tattoo or two along the way and photograph it all. I will forever be on this creative journey.



Tell me your story.

"Fall in love with the process of becoming the very best version of yourself."




2020 Raising Flag Award

2019 Raising Flag Award

2018 Raising Flag Award

2017 Festival of the Arts- Artist

2016 Festival of the Arts-Artist

2015 Festival of the Arts-Artist
2014 Nancy Engebretson Memorial Photojournalism Scholarship Winner
2013 Display Magazine-Published Photo

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