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Alan Jackson + William Michael Morgan | Grand Rapids, MI. | 2 . 23 .19

Last night I had the upmost privilege of photographing a country music legend. I was super excited to cover this show because not only do I love Alan Jackson, but I got into the country spirit and watched "A Star is Born" the night before (P.S. The movie is phenomenal. I could gush all day about it. Lady Gaga + Bradley Cooper created such a powerful force for this one. I'm pretty sure Bradley Cooper pee's excellence. Just saying. Seriously, high praise for the acting, story and music. Go watch it if you haven't yet.).

Back to last night's show. Alan Jackson has graced us with his music since the 90's and has won numerous awards over the span of his ongoing career. Although country music may not always be my go-to music selection, I admire and appreciate his art, and more importantly I appreciate who he is as a person. You know his music, even if you're not a country music fan, and I can almost guarantee that his songs will stay with you throughout the day if you hear them. I hope you enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed the experience.

Now go pour yourself a glass because it's five o'clock somewhere.

View the entirety of Alan Jackson's gallery here.

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