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Chelsea + Calvin | 7 . 31 . 21

Let me just start by saying I love the Matousek family. I plan on crashing their family reunions in the future because they are just good people that know how to love and have a good time.

I had the privilege of meeting Chelsea and Calvin at Saxony and John's wedding in August of 2019 (Chelsea is Saxony's sister).

The bond that the Matousek sisters (now King/Beal/Bosworth sisters) have is just beautiful. I can't get enough of the love they have for each other.

When meeting Chelsea at Saxony's wedding a few years ago, I remember thinking "this girl cracks me up!"

Her personality is contagious; she's either smiling, laughing or goofing around to make others laugh, and you just get a sense of absolute happiness when you are around Chelsea.

I had the honor of photographing Chelsea and Calvin's wedding on July 31, 2021. The summer day was slightly humid and hot in the morning but cooled off a bit to be a comfortable, perfect gorgeous summer day.

Chelsea resembled Cinderella with her blond locks elegantly pulled up and her powder blue sparkly dress glistened when the sunlight reflected off of it.

Calvin was dapper wearing his sharp, navy blue tux and was all smiles all day.

Chelsea's family are so welcoming and hospitable, and Calvin's mom and brother flew in from the south and it was a pleasure to get to know them throughout the day.

There are so many highlights from this day, but a personal favorite was the boat ride with the wedding party on Gun Lake. Little do they know (until now), I am terrified of water and boats (absolutely terrified), but I couldn't let them know that and there was no way I would stay ashore.

I took a shot of whiskey and got on the boat.

I knew I would miss out on some amazing shots if I didn't go and I'm so happy I went for the ride because some of these shots are some of my personal favorite.

We nearly sank the boat (when the front of the boat started to go down and the water started to come up, my initial thought was "No!! My camera gear!" - as any photographer would think - which quickly changed to "OMG, this is it!" to "Not on Chelsea and Calvin's wedding day!!").

Thankfully we survived and we had a gorgeous cruise along the lake, thanks to Captain John.

The day was filled with smiles, laughter and a few tears of joy. Chelsea and Calvin could not have asked for a better day to become Mr. and Mrs. King.

To the King's, thank you so much for choosing me to be a part of your day, to celebrate two beautiful people coming together as man and wife, and for allowing me to capture your day. May you be blessed with many years of happiness, laughter and love.


To view the King's entire wedding album, go here.

To purchase prints from the King wedding, go here.

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