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Jalen + Jordan: Two turning One

Yesterday I got my cuteness overload fix in. Jalen and Jordan are the twins of Jessie - my best friend from high school - and they are getting ready to celebrate a big milestone: their First Birthday!

Jes and I went to the same school but didn't officially meet until we both attended the same weekend church retreat. Our friendship started by me asking her if it was ok to put "my stuff" with her's on a bus ride. I didn't have a bag to put my belongings in and was not as prepared as she was, which describes our friendship and who we are in so many ways. Jes is the planner, I go-with-the-flow. She has been an amazing friend and supporter, and I couldn't be more thankful for her.

Knowing Jes and her husband Lamar and their story to have a baby, I was so happy when I got the text asking if I would take their photos; it was an absolute honor!

Happy First Birthday sweet boys!

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