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Post Malone | Grand Rapids, MI. | Natalie Lopez

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Austin Richard Post is everywhere.

He's all over the radio, he's featured in soundtracks for award winning films (Academy Award and Golden Globe winning Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse), he's getting nominated for Grammy Awards left and right, and he is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon.

Post Malone's style of music flirts with indie rock, hip hop, country and pop on his albums and I'm just here thinking "how the #@&*?! does he do that and why does it sound that damn good?!"

There really isn’t a genre this man can’t experiment with, and the fact that he is able to be successful in such a broad range makes me respect and appreciate his musical craft and his art. Fan girl? Maybe.

He’s mixing genres that you would think couldn’t work, and probably shouldn’t work and go together, yet you find yourself singing along to happy-go-lucky tracks like “Sunflower” to assertively bobbing your head to personally relatable lyrics in “Take what you want” featuring the King of Darkness Ozzy Osbourne.

There are few artists that I can tell Alexa to play without having to skip songs because they are mediocre and I just don't feel them. Post is one of those rare artists that I don't have to skip. I can put him on shuffle on my headset in my helmet while I'm on my motorcycle or while I'm running and I'm never disappointed. Every single song is so good.

Malone is a multi Grammy nominated artist, has sold 65+ million records in the US alone. He even hosts his own festival, Posty Fest in Arlington, Texas.

What’s next for Posty? I’m personally requesting and praying for a collab with Billie Eilish. Mr. Post, please make this happen.

If you haven't experienced him live, you need to, like yesterday. Post is currently on his Runaway Tour that finishes off in London this summer. For more information on his tour, record and latest news, visit here.

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