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The Lumineers | 7 . 8 . 22

Folk rockers The Lumineers made a stop in Grand Rapids on July 8th for their Brightside tour. The band was welcomed to a packed house at Van Andel Arena as they showcased a variety of their hits from their current and previous albums.

l have always appreciated The Lumineers true artistry within their craft, and their live performances never disappoint. The Brightside tour features a catwalk "u" shaped stage that allows the band to get closer to their fans, and the warm lighting provides an intimate feel despite being in an arena. If you're lucky, you might bump elbows with Wesley Shultz as he is known to perform within the pit during live shows.

The musical talents of the band are incredible as they change instruments throughout the show without skipping a beat - pun very much intended (did anyone at the show catch Stelth Ulvang running from the piano, to play accordion and then run over to jump on top of the piano?!). Shultz's vocals are even better live, and hearing Jeremiah Fraites on the drums, percussion, and piano within a few feet in front of me was remarkable.

In all efforts to not sound like a fan girl but instead a woman with a passionate soul and an affinity for raw talent, The Lumineers are by far one of the best live performing bands I have had the privilege to cover, and I recommend them as a must see if you haven't done so yet. To say they are "so good" just doesn't do the band and their talents justice; they are a band that needs to be experienced live.

Up and coming opener Ashe was just as enjoyable as the main act. A newly added song to my playlist of her's features FINNEAS. Enjoy "Till Forever Falls Apart" here.

The Lumineers are currently on their world tour. To purchase tickets, visit; to purchase albums and merch, visit To view photos from the show, go here.

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