Wanderlust Photographer Seeks Adventurous Souls

Hey guys, hope you're having a fantastic Funday Sunday!

I'm plopped on the couch, feet are up and got my girl Mia snuggling up next to me; what more do I need?

YOU! I need you!

As most of you know I have spent most of my photography career being the middle woman in the pits between rock stars and their often insanely passionate fans (Machine Gun Kelly's fans take the cake-anyone who camps in front of a venue a few days out before a concert just reeks of passion-not to be confused with body odor from lack of bathing).

Anyhow, here's where you come in.

Last week I launched my new photography site and I'm digging all the love, thank you! I'm trying to get the word out that I don't just photograph rockers; I also photograph weddings (engagements + destination + elopements) as well as portraits + families.

So if you know of anyone that is searching for a rad photographer, near or far, do me a solid and send them my way, share my site or do a little name drop for me.

Stick around for upcoming announcements, promotions, free stuff and of course, more photos! So stoked for what's to come!


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