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Destination: Consignment Paradise

Updated: Apr 16, 2018

Happy Weekend everyone!

I started my Saturday with some coffee, music and a homemade coffee facial scrub while doing a little research on Pinterest.

I am in need of some creation inspiration for my next Festival of the Arts Regional Arts Competition piece that I intend on submitting for the third straight year (deadline is May 5, nothing like waiting until the last minute *enter frightened/concerned smile here*).

On top of that, I am seeking inspiration for my own wedding (my guy and I have yet to set a date -perhaps a future blog post?)!

While researching, I came across this gem, Second Dance Bridal located downtown Grand Rapids. I figured I'd take a short drive over on this blistery cold spring day and have a look.

Second Dance Bridal is a quaint boutique, and rather small, but I like that because I tend to get overwhelmed with choice overload.

Dresses line the walls, heels top the center isle and they have a minimum selection of headpieces.

A bride-to-be had all eyes on her as she stood for alterations.

I didn't find "the dress," but I did find a dress to have on hand for a special occasion. Plus you can't walk into a dress shop and not try on a dress!

I loved the elegance and the details of this beauty, specifically the Aztec inspired patterns.

It's a little bit on the fancier side so I thought I'd pair it with my rustic boots (and yes, I kept my jeans on while trying it on).

Although I didn't find "the dress," I did have a fantastic time browsing through their selection and got some ideas for what I hope to find in my future wedding dress. Not all hope is lost. This search is to be continued!

Until the next time!

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