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The Essential Bag: Porteen Gear

Updated: Dec 8, 2018

Porteen Gear, Leather, handmade, bag, fashion, Natalie Lopez, Natalie Lopez Photography, Holiday Gift ideas, nature, hike, adventure hike, adventure

Porteen Gear has had my heart for years. I immediately fell in love with this brand the minute I stepped into Robyn Porteen's studio. Art was everywhere I looked with her impeccable taste in design, indie music playing in the background and the overwhelming, yet wonderful, smell of leather filled the air. And to top it off, Robyn is as cool as they come. Her vision and creativity in bag design is awesome to watch as she'll grab a couple leather options off the shelf, snag a few accent fabrics, lay it all out on her work table and is able to create a gorgeous bag just like that.

Porteen Gear, Leather, handmade, bag, fashion, Natalie Lopez, Natalie Lopez Photography, Holiday Gift ideas

Designing my own bag wasn't so immediate. I couldn't decide, I had choice overload! Everything Robyn comes up with is beautiful, but I wanted my bag to be me. Robyn's creative genius and inspiration guided me to my first bag. When Robyn designed the flap for The Bundok back in 2015, I knew that it was the bag for me.

Porteen Gear, Leather, handmade, bag, fashion, Natalie Lopez, Natalie Lopez Photography, Holiday Gift ideas

My bag is three years old, so you may notice some wear, but overall it has held out beautifully, which is why I am writing this review. Porteen Gear bags are absolutely stunning and stand the test of time.

Porteen Gear, Leather, handmade, bag, fashion, Natalie Lopez, Natalie Lopez Photography, Holiday Gift ideas

As a wedding + adventure elopement, lifestyle and concert photographer, I wanted something that would represent me and my personal style. This bag looks good on me whether I'm hiking Angel's Landing at Zion National Park, photographing newlywed's on a sand dune buggy ride or capturing rock stars in the pit's at concerts. This bag is me.

Porteen Gear, Leather, handmade, bag, fashion, Natalie Lopez, Natalie Lopez Photography, Holiday Gift ideas
Porteen Gear's stitching details are immaculate and unique

Admittedly, I was first sold on The Bundok based off of its look, but when I first took it out to test drive it, I quickly admired the front zipper pocket.

I can't stress enough how lovely and convenient this front pocket is. There are six pockets total in my bag - front and back pockets on the exterior of the bag and five pockets on the inside of the bag which are great for personal items like wallets, keys, etc. - but this front pocket is a game changer. When I'm shooting and switching out lenses, my front pocket keeps me organized, is easy to access and saves me from losing my lens caps.

I have always been an appreciator of details so I gave Robyn free reign to add in some surprise extra details. I was super stoked to see she added my bohemian spirit to my bag by stitching an arrow on my seat belt webbing shoulder strap.

Porteen Gear, Camera bag, bag, fashion, handmade, leather, Natalie Lopez, Natalie Lopez Photography
This little detail is fantastic and great for the nature lover. I added this karabiner to attach a water bottle when I'm hiking.

Porteen Gear, Leather, handmade, bag, fashion, Natalie Lopez, Natalie Lopez Photography, Holiday Gift ideas

The best thing about Porteen Gear bags is that they are completely customizable. I wanted an all leather bag because I love the worn look leather gives after some wear.

I chose this fabric for my interior because I have always loved all things boho, and the colors and stitching designs are beautiful. This fabric was the first to catch my eye so I went with it and am so glad I did.

Robyn accented my bag with brass rivets, another pleasant unexpected detail. The black strap in the above photo allows me to hook a light jacket, umbrella or tripod securely to my bag when I'm shooting out in the elements.

All Porteen Gear bags come with a zippered pouch that also keeps my gear organized. Robyn went above and beyond with mine, making it unique and fitting to my style.

I keep my cards, earbuds and adapters in my pouch but it is a multipurpose pouch and could easily be used to stash ID cards, cash, makeup; whatever your heart desires!

The Bundok features dust flaps, a huge convenience to protecting gear.

In the above photo I have my Canon 50D body with a Canon 24-105mm lens and battery grip attached, and a Sony FE 100mm G Lens sitting comfortably in my bag. Currently my bag holds a mirrorless Sony A7iii, Canon 24-105mm and Sony FE 100mm G Lens comfortably.

Porteen Gear, Camera Strap, Natalie Lopez Photography, Aztec, Design, Camera Strap
Porteen Gear Handmade Leather and Suede Camera Straps in Blue Nordic and Blue Damask

Along with gorgeous camera bags, Porteen Gear makes camera straps (thank God, because those basic straps that come with cameras are so boring).

My Canon body wears the Blue Nordic and Blue Damask strap.

Porteen Gear, Camera Strap, Boho, Bohemain, Natalie Lopez Photography
Porteen Gear Handmade Leather and Suede Brown Taupe Flowers Floral Print Camera Strap

My Sony body wears the Taupe Flowers Floral Print strap.

More pockets located in the front of my bag to conveniently hold my business cards.

Natalie Lopez Photography, concert photograpy, Porteen Gear, Camera Bag
My Porteen Gear Bag has been to all these concerts

My bag looks seriously amazing after being my right hand bag at all these concerts!

Porteen Gear, Grand Rapids, Michigan, Natalie Lopez, Natalie Lopez Photography
With my gear at Porteen Gear's storefront in Grand Rapids, MI

Porteen Gear, Robyn Porteen, Natalie Lopez, Natalie Lopez Photography
Sitting with the Genius behind Porteen Gear: Robyn Porteen

Not a photographer but love the style of Porteen Gear bags? No problem! Robyn's motto is "I can make a bag for that." Stylish laptop bags, tote bags and handbags are a few of Robyn's top sellers.

Porteen Gear, Natalie Lopez Photography, Natalie Lopez, concert photography, Young The Giant
Shooting in the pits at Young The Giant wearing Porteen Gear's Black and Blue Tribal Print camera strap

So why get a Porteen Gear bag?

You will love the whole process from brainstorming your design, to picking a leather and fabrics.

You will love the anticipation in waiting for your bag to arrive (I didn't think I would love this so much because I don't even know what patience means, but the excitement makes it great!).

You will love when you first get your bag: how new it is, the smell, discovering all the pockets, finding your zippered pouch, everything!

You will love the feeling of putting all your gear in a bag you designed and the feeling you will get on the compliments you get on your design.

You will love it because you will appreciate that it was handmade by a visionary artist.

You will absolutely love your bag.

Be a standout and get a Porteen Gear bag.

Shop here, Design here.

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